Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

What this is policy for?

In order for me to work safely and ethically with you, I need to store some personal information about you, and this policy allows you to see how I try to ensure your privacy in the light of this. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact me.

GDPR (2018)

All information that I hold must be collected and used fairly, stored safely and not disclosed unlawfully.

    • I can only obtain information for specific lawful purposes.
    • The Information I have must be adequate, relevant and not excessive.
    • I must keep information up to date, and make sure it is accurate.
    • Information should not be held for longer than is necessary and should be processed according to an individual’s rights under law and be protected in appropriate ways.


I explain how I use any information I have about you in my intake paperwork, before we start work, and you have the opportunity to discuss this with me before we start to work together.


I will not share information about you with anyone, or tell anyone that you are working with me, without your prior consent; the only exception would be if I believe there to be an immediate risk of danger to yourself or another, when I would need to alert the appropriate services. I would always try to discuss this with you beforehand. On rare occasions, my notes may be ordered to be produced during legal proceedings.


As part of my commitment to ethical practice, I work with a suitably qualified and experienced supervisor, who works with me to ensure the quality of my work with you. I only ever use first names during these discussions, and do not give any identifying information.


I use Google Analytics to monitor visits to my website.

I store client telephone numbers in my fingerprint protected telephone, using initials only, and this also applies to WhatsApp contacts.  When we finish working together, I delete your contact details as appropriate, except for any details that I must keep to comply with my insurance company.

Your personal details are stored online using software called WriteUpp ( Please visit their website to read their privacy policy. I produce my invoices on WriteUpp, and I send these to my solicitor/gestor, to comply with business regulations.  GDPR regulations also govern my solicitors/gestors, and as such they comply with strict confidentiality policies.

Your name may appear on my bank statement when you make a bank transfer.  I access this online through the Sabadell banking app.